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2nd IEEE International Workshop on Digital Rights Management Impact on Consumer Communications (DRM’06)

CCNC 2006 – Satellite Workshop
8 January 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society

This one-day workshop on Digital Rights Management Impact on Consumer Communications addresses problems faced by rights holders (who seek to protect their intellectual property rights) and by end consumers (who seek to protect their privacy and to preserve access they now enjoy in traditional media under).

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems are intended to protect the rights of content owners in scenarios in which the participants have conflicting goals and are not fully trusted. This adversarial situation introduces interesting new twists on classical problems studied in cryptology and security research, such as key management and access control. Furthermore, novel security mechanisms can enable new business models and applications. Recent research has also proposed new primitives for DRM, such as hash functions that make it possible to identify content in an adversarial setting.

Sunday, 8 January 2006

Workshop Morning Session I
10:00am - 12:00pm
Laughlin Room


DRM for Content

Chair: Stan Moyer, Telcordia


Mobile DRM for Multimedia Content Commerce in P2P Networks
Chi-Cheng Chu, Xiaoyong Su, Shiv Prabhu, Rajit Gadh (University of California - Los Angeles, US)
Swetha Kurup, Sridhar Gangadharpalli and Sridhar V (Satyam Computer Services Ltd, IN)


An Efficient Key Scheme for Multiple Access of JPEG 2000 and Motion JPEG 2000 Enabling Truncations
Bin Benjamin Zhu and Shipeng Li (Microsoft Research Asia, CN)
Yang Yang (Univ. of Science and Technology of China, CN)


Analysis of Using Java Card for DRM Master Key Security
John Buford (Panasonic Digital Networking Laboratory, US)
Rakesh Kumar (Polytechnic University, US)


A Method for Image Recovery in the DFT Domain
Ahmet Eskicioglu (CUNY Brooklyn College, US)
Peining Tao (City University of New York, US)

Workshop Afternoon Session II
1:30 - 3:30pm
Laughlin Room


DRM Distribution Models

Chair: Dave Marples, Telcordia


New DRM Model in Distributed Environments
SangGyoo SIM and YunSang OH (Samsung Electronics, KR),


Enabling Revenue-Generating Digital Content Distribution for Telecom Carriers
Ben Falchuk, Dave Marples and D. Gorton (Telcordia Technologies, Inc., US)


Towards a Digital Rights Management First Class Citizen
Michel Pawlak (University of Geneva, CH)