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Monday, 9 January 2006

2:00 – 4:20pm – Open Hours
6:00 – 7:30pm – Demo Happy Hour to include Food and Drinks

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

1:00 – 4:20pm – Open Hours

Demo Sessions

Chair: Alan Kaplan, Panasonic

Redefining Connectivity: Unifying Mobile Communication with the Internet
Kulkarni Sameer and Syed Ali (Pune University, IN)

USHA: a simple and practical seamless vertical handoff solution
Ling-Jyh Chen (Academia Sinica, TW), Tony Sun, Guang Yang and Mario Gerla (University of California, Los Angeles, US)

ScanAvert: Detection and Alarm against Ingredient Harm
Ellen Badinelli (ScanAvert, Inc., US)

Demonstration of a multiple HD video stream wireless transmission
Patrice Hirtzlin and Samuel Guillouard (Thomson R&D France, FR)

The Huggable: A Therapeutic Robotic Companion for Relational, Affective Touch
Walter Stiehl, Jeff Lieberman, Cynthia Breazeal, Louis Basel, Heather Knight and Levi Lalla (MIT Media Lab, US)

Proposal & Demonstration of a New Remote Home-Access System, SoftWire
Hideo Yoshimi, Nobuyuki Enomoto, Chinryu SAI, Kazuo Takagi and Atsushi Iwata (NEC Corporation, JP)

Wireless (UWB) Multi-Hop CE Network Demonstration
Shin Saito, Satoshi Konya, Keiji Akiyama, Kuniaki Kurihara, Masaaki Isozu and Kazuhiro Watanabe (Sony Corporation, JP)

Knowledge Base Design for Network Service Composition Using Semantic Web Languages
Nobuhide Nishiyama, Kenichi Nishikawa, Yoshihiro Nakamura and Fumihiko Ito, (NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories, NTT Corporation, JP)

Demonstration of MBMS Video Streaming over GERAN
Thomas Stockhammer and Christian Buchner (Nomor Research, DE), Junaid Afzal, Wen Xu and Andreas Arnold (Siemens AG, DE)

Demonstration of a Terrestrial TV Receiver with Optimized Equalizer
Hossein Dehghan and Sam Heidar (Doradus Technologies, US)

Path Capacity Estimation in IEEE 802.15.4 Enabled Wireless Sensor Network via SenProbe
Tony Sun, Chih-Chieh Han, Guang Yang and Mario Gerla (University of California, Los Angeles , US), Ling-Jyh Chen (Academia Sinica, TW)

Cryptographic Consumer Electronic Devices Filesystems Performance
Gennady Lomako (New York Institute of Technology, US) and Il-Pyung Park, Stephen Johnson, David Braun and Jinhong Guo (Panasonic Digital Networking Laboratory, US)

Web browser plug-in prototype for advanced graphics and multimedia
Ole-Ivar Holthe (Gridmedia Americas, Inc., NO)

Cross-antenna Decoding for the ldpc Coded Space-Time System
Jun Wang (Beijing University of post and telecommunication, CN)

mLab: An Ad Hoc Network Testbed
Emmanouil Antonakakis (NIST, US)

FilmTrust: Movie Recommendations from Semantic Web-based Social Networks
Jennifer Golbeck (University of Maryland, US)

Navigation for Visually Impaired - Leveraging Ad Hoc RF Environmental Sensing
Tom Roslak (State University of New York - Suffolk County Community College, US)

Pervasive Application System with the Convergence Network
JinS Kim (ETRI, KR)

A new error resilient coding schemes for the home entertainment video
Yuk Chung (University of Sydney, AU)

A Study of Clustering algorithm for wavelet-based Image Retrieval System
Yuk Chung (University of Sydney, AU)

Mobile Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing Application
Marcin Matuszewski (Nokia Research Center, FI), Nicklas Beijar, Juuso Lehtinen and Tuomo Hyyryläinen (Helsinki University of Technology, FI)

Impact of Services on Network Capacity: Tool for Seamless Integration of Service and Network Modeling
Ben Falchuk, K. R. Krishnan, Shoshana Loeb, Mark Garrett, David Shallcross, Gitae Kim and Abdelhakim Hafid (Telcordia Technologies, US)

Context-Aware Content-Provision Service for Shopping Malls Based on Ubiquitous Service-Oriented Network Framework and Authentication and Access Control Agent Framework
Yoji Yamato, Yuki YOKOHATA and Michiharu Takemoto (NTT Corporation, JP), Erika Tanaka and Kenya Nishiki (Hitachi, JP) and Takeshi Okuda (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JP)

Programming a PVR with Pen and Paper
Mario Kolberg and Evan Magill (University of Stirling, UK)

Fast-FMS: Fast Multimedia Across 3G Mobile Networks
Gustavo Marfia, Daniela Maniezzo and Giovanni Pau (University of California, Los Angeles, US)

Dimitrios Vyzovitis, Ilia Mirkin (MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA USA)